Bathtub Gondola:Tub in a truck.

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on May 31st, 2012 filed in Bathtub Gondola

Tub in my truck

Well it all started about a month ago when I woke up from a dream wanting to build a Bathtub Street Gondola. It will culminate in an instructable on how to build your own. I thought a build log (if one was inclined they could follow along) would be nice so here we go.

After getting the phone call from the Awesome Foundation letting me know they chose my proposal for their grant I was so excited I started watching craigslist for a tub. I was lucky to find a tub for sale well below average price for claw foot tubs in the area. A few phone calls later I had scrounged up a super team of friends to help pickup and load the tub into my truck. The four of us made short work of the schlepping. The tub now in my truck bed can’t wait to leave behind it’s life as a tub and become a gondola. Stay tuned for more updates as things come along.

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