Techno Gypsies and Hackerspace Art

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on November 26th, 2010 filed in Heap

Well The last week has been quite the whirl wind adventure. It all started with a lock picking class I decided to take at the ATX Hacker Space which was taught by the lovely and incredible duo that makes up the Tesseract Travellers.
During the course of the evening I discovered that they had no place to stay in while in Austin. They seemed like interesting, good people and my special lady was out of town so I invited them to stay with me. This was a great decision. I have been so inspired by having them around and hearing them make plans to live traveling from place to place sharing knowledge and making art. Sounds like a good life to live.

The making art is what I most got wrapped up in. I helped with my second hacker space mural this last week. You can read the illuminated details over on the Tesseract Travellers blog were my new found friends write of their travels from the perspective of time travelers from the future. If you just want to watch the time lapse video of it going down you can watch it below.

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    hello- hacker space sf tonight

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