Arnold Palmer Sorbet: Tasty cool dessert

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on October 14th, 2010 filed in Food

I just got done inventing and documenting a new dessert. It all started when I stumbled upon a recipe for green tea sorbet. I would have never thought you could make a tea sorbet but now I knew you could and there was no going back. Almost instantly the idea formed itself in my brain. I already knew how to make lemon sorbet and armed with this new knowledge that there could be tea sorbet I set out to make something that had been missing from my life. I just had not known it till now. I set out to make Arnold Palmer Sorbet!

I knew I would only have one shot at this today. As my ice cream maker can only make one batch of ice cream every 24 hours. So I woke up and began making a batch of lemon sorbet liquid and black tea sorbet liquid. It was here that I ran into a moral dilemma. Should I stay true to the Arnold Palmer’s flavor or it’s presentation. The two were mutually exclusive as the end result being frozen it would not mix easily once in the hands of the person eating it. Ultimately I chose to be true to the mixed taste and combine my liquids. After it was made and I had managed to let the sorbet firm up in the freeze for 8 hours, a herculean effort I assure you, it was time to taste what I had made. I must say I have found a new favorite dessert.

I decided I must share this with the world. So if you are interested in making your own check out the instructable that I made. If you just want to see some pictures check out the gallery below.

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  1. CrimpMyStyle Says:

    This is the ultimate creation of the SLUSHY” lover of old. I love the way you chose to serve the sorbet- so true to the essence of the Arnold Palmer.

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