78704 Market; Selling in the real world

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on August 1st, 2010 filed in Real World Selling

Well I have finally recovered enough from sitting in the hot hot sun to let y’all know how it went. I had a 5′X5′ booth space at the 78704 Market for yesterday. I set up right along the sidewalk in front of a food trailer that sold vegan tamales. I will have to go back and try them some time. The day was pretty slow but it was also too hot for anyone in their right mind to be hanging out outside. I still made back my booth fee however. What will follow is a list of thoughts about the market and some pictures. If you are interested click on.

Lessons Learned: I can sit outside in the 100°+ heat with very little negative repercussions, I need an umbrella/to get that tent I took out of the dumpster fixed, it is possible to tan while slathered in SPF 50 sunscreen even if you reapply it every 3 hours, my work brings smiles to almost everybody even if they don’t stop to buy anything, it can get so hot in the direct sun that the adhesive on masking tape will melt and adhere equally to everything.

Dumbest Statement Made By a Passer By:“Damn I thought you were selling pills I got all excited” She was serious.

Awesome Moments:A dad bought a set of flat pack robots and said, “my kid will never figure this out.” 30 minutes later he came by with his two kids and showed them my built robots and said this is what you will be building and the kids eyes lit up and they got all excited.
Any time a kid looked at my work and their eyes lit up. It happened a lot. :D
At the end of the night just as I was about to pack up a couple walking past gave me a cupcake from Hey Cupcake for no reason I offered a sticker in trade and it turned into my biggest sale of the night.
The sun setting.(you have no idea how happy that made me.)

Most popular Item:
Flat Pack Anti-Boredom Robots

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  1. CrimpMyStyle Says:

    Your display was great. Room to see everything and all at different heights- very aesthetic! So many great ideas displayed. Glad the plastic didn’t melt in the heat!!

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