Storm and tasty garden Surprises.

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on June 4th, 2010 filed in Heap

We had a big rain storm come through the past two days here. The tomato plant bent it’s wire tower and is now leaning over along with the corn. I will need to get some steaks to give these guys some needed extra support. The Tomatoes are proving so far to be the most prolific producers. There are at least eight tomatoes growing bigger everyday. While I was looking at the corn and tomato plants I noticed my purple green beans had five beans that were ready to harvest. The weird thing about the purple green beans is they are green inside. I had eaten them all by the time I realized this would make a good picture sorry. My edamame plants have pods I am not sure how to tell when they are ripe I think the leaves are supposed to turn a bit yellow. Any tips on telling when edamame is ready please send them my way. Other than that the potato towers seem to be doing well. They are tall enough for another tire so I will have to swing by the tire store this weekend before I head off on vacation. Well I have rambled long enough here are some pictures.

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  1. Momma Says:

    The turn green when they are cooked if any escape your “Pick and Chomp” technique or more happen to grow.

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