Victory Garden Update

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on May 4th, 2010 filed in Heap

Well the weather is getting warmer and I thought it was time I post another update of my garden. There is good news and bad news with this update. I thought I would start with the bad news. The first sad note is that my parsley seedlings who looked so promising in their self watering bucket were all lost as some creature’s midnight snack. Eaten just as they were beginning to grow their first real leaves. My Swiss chard just never even tried. So it is with sadness in my heart that I morn the veggies I will not get to eat. On the bright side I have planted some watermelon seeds where my other plants once were and the rest of the garden seems to be thriving. Read on for more info and pictures.

There are some new additions to the garden since my last post. New to the garden are two different types of roasting potatoes. I will be hilling them soon and in another month expect to place the second story on their tire homes. Also the soy and purple beans have sprouted and are doing quite well. Well enough that they are quickly outpacing the corn they were meant to grow on. So I will be investing in some trellising for them. The Tomato plant is doing well and looks like it will produce at least three tomatoes. It’s neighbor the pepper plant has become home to a cleaver spider who has been having quite the feast lately. With out further ado here are some pictures.

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  1. Momma Says:

    Pics are wonderful, so close and such nice lighting.
    We had trouble with Swiss chard too. Dad planted a nice garden with 79¢ plants from Osh. Mostly tomatoes and peppers a squash and japanese cucumber. If they live may be somethong to eat in August.
    Your tomato looks great! Marigolds planted in between are supposed keep out little nibblers. Bad smell or taste. Pretty though.

  2. Jean Says:

    How fun! We have a garden of our own but I’m waiting for the end of any potential frost before I can move things outside.

    Couple suggestions for critters:

    Rabbits don’t jump over fences, so installing a 1′ or 18″ fence with small gaps will keep them out. You HAVE to bury the bottom edge at least an inch or two into the ground because they will try to push under.

    Some animals like squirrels are suceptible to spice like humans. To dissuade them, soak 3 T of cayenne pepper in a cup or two of hot water over night. Add 1T of ammonia and 1T of baby shampoo, and 2T of tabasco or other hot sauce. Strain out any particles and pour into a spritz bottle. Liberally spray the plants and the mulch and other plants around the area and after one or two bites, the critters will leave your veggies alone. Just be sure to wash your hands well with soap after you touch the plants or if you rub your eyes they will burn like crazy. When you rinse your veggies (or it rains) it will come off and no harm done. Only problem with this method it is requires repeated applications if it rains. At least until the animals figure it out and stay away!

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