Unexpected road blocks

Posted by Tangerinepiggy on May 7th, 2009 filed in Heap, Ramblings

Well to day was sadly a slight set back. My High power RGB LEDs were sadly just GB LED’s. It took me most of the day to suss out that it was not my power circuit. On the plus side I got Arduino development software installed on my laptop runing under my linux. This took a bit of doing but I a glad to say I got it done. I made a rudimentary program to test my power circuit. So after about 6 hours I ended up being able to pulse my led to prove my circuits functioned correctly. So now I am waiting on possible RMA ticket to get new LEDs. I picked up the parts to make my banjo electric today. To the future.

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  1. crimp Says:

    Any trouble with the neck bending when the strings were added? I remember a certain jr. high science project of your brothers that kept getting out of tune.

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